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Performer & Creativity Ambassador

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Jazelle is an actress and singer/songwriter of over 18 years. She is a creative healing facilitator and a holistic creativity coach. Jazelle uses her educational background in Theater, Music, Psychology, and Expressive Arts Therapy (healing arts) to lead healing workshops/classes, support creative women, and inspire individuals of all ages with the power of the arts.

"Creativity is the secret to life!

My mission is to bring hope, healing, joy, & love through the arts."

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Book Jazelle for musical or theatrical performances.

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Creative Healing

Invite Jazelle to bring her creative healing experience to your personal or corporate workshops & retreats.

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Creativity Coaching

Join The Creatives Club, an online platform featuring courses, masterclasses, and networking opportunities for the creative woman.

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The Performer


Growing up in a house full of music, singing jazz ballads and writing original songs was second nature to Jazelle. That love of music has only deepened with time.


Jazelle’s work spans from oratorical contests and performing arts schools to representing the U.S. in theatre overseas and performing professionally on stages large and small. See Resumé.

Writer & Artist

Jazelle continues to shine as as an author of a creative self-healing guide for women featuring poetry, art, stories, and inspired love letters. Come Home, is a great resource for a solo journey or group declaration of self-love, forgiveness, and belonging. It is set to be released summer of 2024.

Multicolored Abstract Painting

The Creative Healer

Creative Healing

Using various modalities of the arts, breath-work, and meditation to gently guide you to a place of releasing/ processing emotional pain and moving through limiting beliefs. This work includes: sound/music, art, drama, poetry, nature, and movement healing practices.

Retreat Guide

Tailor-made experiences to help your precious group form bonds with one another, clarify their purpose or next season, and work on specific goals using arts-based techniques.

Workshop Lead & Speaker

Whether looking for a creative team-building experience or to inspire your audience to take courage when going for their dreams; Jazelle’s dynamic approach will raise the energy & have them ready to go!

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